– Written by Lily Reed

Lily Reed is the author of The Dark Seed, a true story of her remarkable recovery and journey of self discovery following a brutal gang rape and attempted murder at the hands of 12 armed men. Her book has inspired men and women around the world to learn forgiveness, reclaim their dignity and understand the importance of gratitude, humility and faith.

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Keynote and Motivational Speaker

Lily’s story has captured the hearts and minds of people around the globe. She is a regular keynote and motivational speaker and sought after media contributor on issues related to rape, recovery, sexual health, positive thinking and social development issues.

Lily walks the talk when it comes to effecting change in the lives of others and has worked in the charity sector for over 15 years. She is also the Founder of The Lily Reed Foundation. The Foundation provides free child and family counselling in communities affected by violence, gangsterism and substance abuse.

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The Journey

The ugly truth

Lily began blogging on facebook about her experience soon after the attack. Within a few weeks her story was being followed by over 17,000 people from around the world. Lily is very active on her FB page. Follow her today by clicking on the link below.


Committing words to paper

Launched in August 2017, The Dark Seed launched Lily story into the media. Her compelling, real life story of a horrific gang rape and subsequent healing of the human spirit was chronicled in this intense and uplifting biography. Read the book and learn about her extraordinary story here.

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The warrior and the mountain

Media interest grew and Lily was invited to be interviewed on radio, television, magazines and newspapers. The media community has been very encouraging and supportive of Lily’s message to end abuse against children, rape and gender based violence. The media gave Lily the platform to be a voice for the voiceless.

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Going back to source

By 2018 Lily realised that she had to do more than speak out against rape. Her voice had been heard but now she needed to find a way to help others find a path past the Darkness and into the Light. The Lily Reed Foundation was registered and Lily is growing a team of professional counsellors to assist children and families affected by violence.


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For indepth information and support on recovery from rape and sexual abuse contact Tears Foundation.

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