The Warrior and the Mountain

A Warrior is a person engaged in a struggle, conflict or battle. At the start of every story the Warrior is just an ordinary person doing ordinary everyday things who then responds to a call to arms, an opportunity to join a crusade, find love or go on an adventure. The Journey starts when the person is challenged to be bold, push boundaries and make a courageous first step into unknown territory. Sometimes it takes just a little curiosity and sometimes a catastrophe will force the person onto the new path.

There are typical two journeys that the person undertakes when becoming a Warrior. The External Journey and the Internal Journey.

The External Journey begins with a battle with an impossibly steep mountain, filled with danger and peril. Each step into the unknown is wrought with difficulties; there are enemies at every turn and countless dark energies that aim to pull the person over the cliff and into the abyss. But as each level of the Mountain is conquered the developing Warrior begins to learn that there is strength in having the conviction to complete the mission that was set for them. The trainee Warrior fights the urge to give in and learns about endurance, resilience and the power of hope.  As the top of the Mountain is reached the true Warrior emerges, looks upon the lands ahead with fearlessness, determination and renewed self-worth. The Warrior reflects on all the sacrifices made long the way, and realises that there is no turning back.  At that point the sword of truth, justice and honour is grabbed with both hands, raised to the sky and you can hear He-Man shouting “I have the power!”.

Physically the Warrior is stronger than ever and has learned how to navigate the previously hostile landscape. The Warrior runs valiantly down the otherside of the Mountain towards the goal and selflessly sacrifices themselves for the higher good. Through this act of selflessness the Warrior is given a second chance at life and the opportunity to return home. Battle scars represent the losses, the distant stares and hardened exterior reflects the wisdom and insight they have gained.

The Journey home is often less arduous. However, each step down the Mountain back towards home brings new anxieties.  There is the realisation that the Warrior has changed so much that they no longer fit into the world that they came from before. The Warrior is no longer the farmer, or the stonemason, or the sheep herder.  The Warrior is reborn, unrecognisable to old family and friends.

There is a period when darkness descends and the Warrior battles the subconscious realms, sitting on rocks overlooking the sea and reflecting on the spiritual lessons that were put before them. The Warrior slowly comprehends that the journey has changed them in unexpected ways and that they now belong to a new tribe. They recognise that the journey has taught them courage, fearlessness, endurance, resilience, commitment, self-love, selflessness, hope, dedication and finally Mastery over themselves and their own destiny.

The true Warrior understands that cresting the Mountain was the true challenge and that the only treasure worth returning home with was gratitude, humility, forgiveness, integrity and the ability to give hope to others. The Warrior finally stands up recognising that the ultimate purpose of returning was to help others navigate the unknown world on the other side of the Mountain. To be a guide in the darkness and a beacon of hope to those starting their own journey.

From one Warrior to another, be Fearless!













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